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Grand Cayman activites, things to see and do, with time for photography - butterflies, bugs, birds, lizards, dragonflies, etc ...


 Explore Grand Cayman! 


Half day or Full day Nature Tours in air-conditioned car with fully licensed guide for party of up to 4 guests. Flexible pick-up points, stops at places of natural and historic interest.

Half day Private ISLAND OVERVIEW NATURE TOUR Eastern Districts (4 hours).

Full day Private UP-CLOSE NATURE TOUR (6 hours) with more time to explore on foot, including either Mastic Trail or Botanic Park.

Please book at least 24 hours in advance. Maximum of 4 guests in party. Payment is cash only.  Please note that the Mastic Trail is not suitable for children under six years old, the elderly and infirm, or for persons with physical handicaps or conditions that may require emergency medical assistance. No liability can be accepted for injuries sustained on the trail. Wear comfortable, sturdy footwear (not sandals).

Details below.


Phone: 345-925-2760

The diversity of Cayman’s plants and plant communities and the creatures that dwell therein, provide a fascinating variety of areas for those interested in natural history, at whatever level, from the casual observer to scientific researcher. On walks along the beach or rocky Ironshore, in parks, along roadsides, on trails and dyke roads, one may see plants and creatures which may not be readily accessible to be seen elsewhere.

The Cayman Islands have roughly four different vegetation zones or plant communities –

Coastal - ironshore and beaches; Wetland - including Mangroves; Dry evergreen forest, woodland and shrubland; Man-modified areas, including beautiful gardens and parks.

Half day Private ISLAND OVERVIEW NATURE TOUR Eastern Districts, by car

9am -1pm or 2pm - 6pm, flexible pick-up points

Drive along the south coast to Bodden Town, Meagre Bay Pond, Blow Holes, East End village, Lighthouse Park, Gun Bay, Colliers Wilderness Reserve, Queens Highway, Old Man Bay, Frank Sound Road and back to starting point with stops along the way at various points of interest.

Water will be provided.

US$300.00/CI$240.00 per tour, for party of up to 4 people

US$240.00/CI$192 per tour, for 1 or 2 people


Full day Private UP-CLOSE NATURE TOUR (6 hours) by car, by special arrangement

There will be more time to explore on foot including

either Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, allow 2 hours (US$12.50 admission fee per person, is not included in price, children under 12 are free). Walk the Woodland Trail, visit the Lake, Floral Colour Garden, Heritage Garden and traditional Caymanian house with sand garden and also the new Orchid Garden

or the Mastic Trail or walks, off the usual tourist tracks, to explore different vegetation zones and their wildlife

Water will be provided.

Lunch is not included in price, stop at restaurant, or bring packed lunch

US$450.00/CI$360.00 per tour, for party of up to 4 people

US$360.00/CI$288.00 per tour, for 1 or 2 people


TOURS of more than 4 people, by special arrangement, guests provide the transportation.

Colliers Wilderness Reserve Trail


for CaymANNature’s Google Photo Albums – lots of pictures: Plants, Butterflies and other wildlife, Endemics, Mastic Trail, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Mushrooms Lichens and other Fungi, Cultural, Sports and more.

NATURE and CULTURE Field Trips for Kids

with adult supervision and by special arrangement only. Transportation not provided.

Introduction to Cayman's native trees and shrubs of cultural and wildlife significance.

CI$120.00 per group for 2 hour tour - 3 stops

CI$150.00 per group for 3 hour tour - 4 or 5 stops

Please contact us on Grand Cayman

phone: 345 925 2760 or email: or Contact Us

for more information or to book a tour.

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